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Carton containing the important responsi
Published:2013-08-20 Author:admin Pre
Dalian Mingcheng Packaging Co. Ltd. carton shoulder important responsibilities containing: box blank manufacturing dimensions to expand on the line as a metric benchmarking. Cutting creasing roller machine on the press on the wire position is a ditch, pressing is the center line of the trench. The two line is the distance between manufacturing size. The size of inner, outer diameter size can be converted by Table 2 crash, but they were measuring method for their. Some Changtai carton week, had to use two pieces of box blank piece together a carton, but sometimes the carton factory in order to make use of waste material in the production process of cutting down, also do not calculate too big carton with two pieces of piecing together a size, sometimes with four. The two page box compared with a box, a joint, therefore the area calculation has some subtle differences.