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Corrugated board laying a strong foundat
Published:2013-08-20 Author:admin
Dalian Mingcheng Packaging Co. Ltd. of corrugated board laying a strong foundation: corrugated cardboard pit size is bigger, its rigidity is stronger.Cardboard toughness in the core paper layer, without the thick and hardpacking. So it can reduce the weight and the cost of cardboard. The core paper by semi chemical pulp (pulp paper strength can provide the best) andrecycled paper material due to. Pit occupy a certain space in the corrugated paper, its role is also very important, through it can withstand pressure,lateral pressure and other irregular pressure. Kraft card form the inner and outer corrugated cardboard, its function can be structure and / or decoration.Each layer of leather card for board provides various characteristics, and these characteristics through the adhesive, waxing process to expand.