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Board the semi-finished products after p
Published:2013-12-10 Author:admin Pre Next
Dalian Mingcheng Packaging Company Limited board adopts the semi finished products after printing: the printing workers, the back of the stick dirty, dirty,failure is a frequently encountered, it is difficult to solve the problem. Of course for the new production equipment in terms of technology, or in thedevice are greatly improved, for example, the installation of UV, IR drying device, and between two adjacent unit increase paper transmission time, it is a better method. But for the drying device is not installed on the printing equipment, will have to adopt the traditional powder, small duo solution. And the powder will often bring printing gloss decrease and filming difficulties, but also will cause pollution to the production environment, equipment. We knowfrom the sticky dirty on the back was due to the positive pressure ink layerresidual adhesive and substrate is above, so as to overcome any factorscan solve the problem of back stick dirty.