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Paperboard is the most ideal outsourcing
Published:2013-12-10 Author:admin Pre Next
Dalian Mingcheng Packaging Company Limited board is the most ideal outsourcing materials: because of paper and cardboard consumption is closely related to economic growth, GDP growth rate of decline, the paper and cardboard consumption growth will have an impact, we expected the first half of next year the paper industry boom will continue downward, with the lower half expected environmental warming will be to improve the. Cultural paper, less affected by economic fluctuations of demand is relatively stable; coated paper pressure from reduced exports, increased capacity; white boom by new productivity impact of the significant downturn; newsprint to walk out of trough also stay time. Because the paper industry demand, high inventory, freight rates fell and the exchange rate factor, fiber raw materials prices in September after the fall, wood pulp prices fell 15%, waste paper prices fell 60%, is expected to be in focus after the pulp price stabilization. Fiber raw materials prices fell enterprises to reduce costs.